Festival Highlights

Our Festival runs Aug. 2 - 4th 2019 at the Stonzek Theater, adjacent to the historical Lake Worth Playhouse in Lake Worth Fl. This 3 day festival highlights films that focus on sober living and recovery.
Film Categories
Short Film
From 10mins-20mins in duration focusing on fiction or reality.

Films with a run time between 30 - 40 minutes, fiction or non.


Films on non fiction subjects 10 - 40 mins run time


Two Band of Hope teachers in Victorian London, try to show their young audience the dangers of alcohol by means of a dramatic Magic Lantern Show.

What if our personal tragedies hold the greatest key to wellness? A woman seeks to transform her struggles with trauma into a renewed sense of self at a shamanic healing center in Sedona.

Mallory lives a pretty normal life. However, she is keeping one family secret. When receiving a familiar phone call during a party, her toxic home life is finally revealed.

Hope Served Fresh

A pizzeria owner in Oneonta New York decides to create a "sober and recovery friendly" workplace, starting a trend that reaches the upper levels over New York State Government.

Triple Festival Award winning Model Childhood is an eccentric and ‘in your face’ part animated autobiographical documentary following a filmmaker’s redemptive journey back from the brink of creative and mental oblivion to a healthier future as a survivor of a childhood sexual trauma. Tim's film was recently awarded the Best Personal Narrative and the Grand Jury Prize at the prestigious Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2019

In 2015, an American medical student travels to the Himalayan Mountains to volunteer with Tibetan refugees. Inspired by their ability to manage the trauma that they have faced, she pursues training in mindfulness meditation. Returning to her medical studies with a newfound stillness, she ask the question, ‘if meditation is powerful medicine, why aren’t we using it to treat illness and disease?’ When the opioid crisis hits her hometown in Appalachia, she returns to discover a pioneering program seeking to combat addiction with the medicine in the mind.

Inspired by a true story, High is Home is a ferociously energetic look into how a highly functioning opioid addict attempts to conquer his fears. In one afternoon follow Nick as he gets higher and higher, and maybe even too high...However, the way Nick goes about it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before...

Tim, an eccentric 22-year-old from New Orleans, came to California for a rehab program after months of struggling with a heroin addiction. He went from getting perfect grades and being at the top of his class, letting his curiosity to different drugs take over his life. In his new California rehab program, he was able to maintain his sobriety for a couple of months, but quickly became bored of this repetitive lifestyle and chose to leave rehab for a less conventional life. He chooses to be homeless and live 20 feet off the ground in a hammock, couch surf from house to house and even sleep in his friend’s van. 
He relapses on heroin and continues to seek a life full of adrenaline and excitement. It becomes clear that Tim enjoys danger and gets a thrill out of gambling with his life. After a trip home to visit his family, he decides to get sober once more in an attempt to pull his life back together. Throughout the film, we follow him throughout his journey as he goes through rehab and reflects back on the pain that he has caused his loved ones while on this destructive path.

The video is based on an old 70’s Iranian pop song, sang by a legendary singer of the time “Farhad Mehrad”. The lyrics referring to a man who is observing his past through a mirror. The man tries to think that the image is not a true image of himself, but by touching his face he realises that the image belongs to him and no one else. 
To get rid of the image he breaks the mirror but instead of disappearing, the image multiplies, showing the truth even louder. In my interpretation, what bothers the man is mainly his memory of his addiction and how he ruined his life. What makes this a strong point of view is the fact that "Farhad", the original singer, used to be a heroin addict in his real life. 

A young woman deals with an addiction as she pushes herself to get clean.

The Art Of Recovery

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