Festival Highlights

Our Festival runs Oct. 17 - 18th 2020 at the Stonzek Theater, adjacent to the historical Lake Worth Playhouse in Lake Worth Fl. This 2 day festival highlights films that focus on sober living and recovery.
Film Categories
Short Film
From 10mins-20mins in duration focusing on fiction or reality.

Films with a run time between 30 - 40 minutes, fiction or non.


Films on non fiction subjects 10 - 40 mins run time

2020 Features


The Making Of

Directed by Tyler Shown

An AA group explores the mindset changes of communities like their own, while a film team puts on a show in front of a live audience.

The Impact of Being Human

Directed by Alan J. Chriest

Contrasts how childhood experiences affect adulthood perspectives - and the reasons for addictions, self-loathing, and why we cannot get what we think we need while, at the same time, widening the context of how we look at ourselves, others, and the world.


Alberta #3

Directed by Kyle Terrence

is a meditation on family, heredity, madness, and time. It is a body of collected fieldnotes of artist and writer Bradley Necyk as he explored his experience as an intergenerational being—finding a line from his ancestors through himself to his children, his children's children, and his children's children's children. He experiences and reflects on madness through both his doctoral research at a psychiatric hospital and his own mania following that research. Directed by Kyle Terrence and performed by Necyk, this film weaves larger, longer stories of madness and time.



Directed by Catherine Vouvray

A twelve-year-old girl is suspended in grief and from her middle school.


In Their Shoes

Directed by Taylor Katsanis

is a documentary film about a year in the lives of four men whose stories intersect in a Writers Without Margins prison reentry and addiction recovery creative writing program.

In these complex portrayals of both hope and heartache, we learn, from their own words, what led each person to commit their crimes, and we witness the challenges of their ongoing stories on the outside, interspersed with interviews and appearances by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, Sheriff Michael Bellotti, Author Randall Horton, Professor James Pennebaker, Dr. Bertha Madras of Trump’s Commission on the Opiate Crisis, and more.


Stuck In Traffic

Directed by Isabel Gonzalez

Based on a true story, main character Maya and her friend Emily are kidnapped and held hostage in a motel in Tallahassee, Florida in order to be sold and trafficked for sex. Their strength and will to survive is highlighted in this short film.


Family Matters

Directed by Paul J Lane

A short film based on a true story, about the struggle of Angela as she battle's through the harassment of her partners drug addiction and the effects it has on their daughter; Lucy and their future.



Directed by Alan Chriest

The loving backdrop of penguins illustrates the similarities of their family life to that of humans, especially when grieving.


Coming Clean

Directed by Josh Painter

Discussion on the reality of substance abuse, mental health, and the impact that these have on families and loved ones.


Confessions Of A Runner

Directed by Bachar Khattar

Ultra-running evokes notions of insanity, dedication, and the pursuit of mind over body. A blend of eye-popping scenery, extreme human achievement, and revealing personal stories, Confessions of a Runner features Patrick Vaughan – an accomplished trail runner, small business owner, parent, and survivor of serious physical impairments – as he shares his story of healing and redemption while pursuing the record for completing the 470km Lebanon Mountain Trail. Exquisite handheld and drone cinematography and a soundtrack from local musicians provide context to this rugged north-to-south trail run, traversing from Syria to the Israeli border. Experience the Lebanese Mountain Trail through the strides and sweat of Patrick and the experiences of guide and record-holder Avedis Kalpaklian and other local runners. Patrick keeps one eye on his GPS and the other eye on the prize, breaking the record of eight days set by Avedis, a stand-out Lebanese mountain athlete and ultra-runner. Unscripted and unpredictable, Confessions is an exploration of what has driven Patrick to run incredible distances and redefine his limits in an inspiring journey to peace and redemption.

August In Remission
Directed by Travis Darkow

A man wakes up in a field of seemingly endless dune grass, and begins a mental and emotional journey through substance abuse, dependency, recovery, relapse, and self repair.



Directed by Elena Gorgevska

Following a sexual assault, a woman struggles to overcome the inner demons that now plague her from the attack. Through self-degradation, deprecation, and depression, viewers experience how detrimental being a victim of sexual assault truly is. With perseverance and unwillingness to give up, the woman, prevails and conquers the tragedy and only grows stronger from it.


Dementia Spots

Directed byIldikó Gaál

Scenes from the life of a demented man.


Big Boys Don’t Cry is a spoken word piece written and directed by Joe Byrne. Its aim is to tackle some of the ideas of what it means to be a man in society today, by going straight in and dismantling the commonly used phrase “Big Boys Don’t Cry”. Its main objective is to smash the false idea and belief that men and boys should not show emotion, or by in doing so you are somehow weak or inadequate. It touches on subjects such as suicide, loneliness, isolation and the social conditioning that`s shaping the generations of males now growing up amongst us. It is a call to action for men to open up and not to be afraid to express themselves freely.  
It is estimated that in 2015 in the UK and Ireland alone there were 6,639 suicides and of those 4,997 were males. 

Festival Line UP

Sunday Oct. 18th

10:00 - 10:05 Big Boys Don’t Cry

10:15 - 10:45 - Lake Worth It

11:00 - 11:05 Heart Sounds

11:10 - 11:45 Confessions of a Runner

12:00 - 12:06 Anonymous

12:10 - 12:30 Alberta

12:30 - 12:40 Dementia Spots

12:45 - 1:20 Impact of Being Human

1:30 - 1:40 Shards

1:45 - 3:00 Coming Clean

3:05 - 3:15 Suspended

3:20 - 4:30 In Their Shoes

4:30 - 4:45 The Making Of

4:50 - 5:20 Family Matters

5:30 - 6:00 Stuck In Traffic

6:10 - 6:30 August In Remission


Lake Worth It

Directed by Richard Jackson

An in-depth look at the Healthier Lake Work Beach program and the help they bring to different segments of Lake Worth Beach Florida.